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Maplewood Oregon Battle of the Books
Oregon Battle of the Books

The Oregon Battle of the Books (OBOB) is a statewide voluntary reading motivation and comprehension program sponsored by the Oregon Association of School Libraries in conjunction with a Library Services and Technology Act grant.  Students in 3rd -12th  grade, regardless of ability, are exposed to quality literature representing a variety of literary styles and viewpoints. OBOB’s mission is to encourage and recognize students who enjoy reading, to broaden reading interests, to increase reading comprehension, promote academic excellence, and to promote cooperative learning and teamwork among students. Maplewood OBOB is run by a volunteer team of parents with copious help from our librarian Elin Kordahl. Our goals are participation and equity! We hold all battle during the school day allowing any student that wants to participate to do so. Please reach out with questions and happy reading.

OBOB Book Titles for 2024/2025:  Visit the OBOB Book Title List to see the titles for 2024/2025 school year!  3rd graders will read 8 (of the 16 total) books.  4th and 5th graders will read all 16 books once the full list has been selected. 

2023/2024 Results:

Congrats to our OBOB Winners!  Also, a big congratulations to our 5th grade team making the top 16 at regional out of 30 teams.

3rd Grade: Book Warriors
Sam, Theo, Olin, Coralie and Noa
4th Grade: DA Granmaz!!
Mikey, Emmett, Wally, Grant and Ari
5th Grade: Cookie Worms
LouLou, Sammy, Chessa, Eden and Dorothy

Official OBOB website: https://www.oregonbattleofthebooks.org

Ms. Kordahl’s Padlet Site

Maplewood OBOB contact: maplewoodobob@gmail.com

Current OBOB Parent Team: Heather J (Lead), Manda B, Darcie G, Lauren C, Katie U and Christy W

Brackets & Competition Details:  Coming this Fall for the 2024/2025 Battles!

2023/2024 Brackets:

3rd Grade Battle Schedule/Standings

4th Grade Battle Schedule/Standings

5th Grade Battle Schedule/Standings

Maplewood Student Teams:  Coming this Fall for the 2024/2025 Battles!

Quiz Questions:  Looking to practice OBOB style questions?   Coming this Fall for the 2024/2025 Battles!

Author/Title Pronunciation Guide:  Coming this Fall for the 2024/2025 Battles!

Volunteering:  Coming this Fall for the 2024/2025 Battles!