Maplewood Neighborhood News

These events are planned and organized by the Maplewood Neighborhood Community, not the Maplewood Elementary PTA.

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Why a neighborhood Free Sale?   Our Free Sale offers our Maplewood community a way to connect items they wish to give away with other community members.  We hope to continue to help friends and neighbors save money, reduce waste, and rethink consumption.  

Participating Homes:
Here is a list of participating Maplewood Homes offering free items.  More homes will be added as the sale date approaches!  For those wanting to “shop” the free sale please refer to this link!  

Maplewood Residents:
For those who want to participate, it is pretty simple.  Place any items you wish to give for free outside your home for others to take by Saturday, May 6th starting at 9:00am.  Expect lots of foot and car traffic checking out your items!   To be added to the map, please email me ( your address and I will include it in our neighborhood map of participating homes.  Please include your house and street number in the email.

Additional Details:
– I will share the map of participating homes on the local Buy Nothing Facebook page.  You may want to do your own Buy Nothing post or post pictures of your items on the info post.
– Please clearly mark any table or item that is NOT free.
– It seems reasonable if you want to put out items you are also selling, like a garage sale, but you must have free items to be included on the map.
– Clean up your items at the end of the day!  Please don’t leave piles outside beyond the sale day.  You are responsible to take any items back inside your home.

We hope you join us as we give where we live!